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When it comes to negotiation, we automatically think of flexible prices, and a diversity of products that meet customer expectations in the market and above all the commitment to quality, transmitting security. However, from inside his room in the city of Hong Kong, the creator of Regent Markets Jean-Yves Sireau, developed systems, method and algorithms for online financial betting in which would be the binary options.

Is, a Scam? – Read What Others Have to Say, you can access it here, is a company that has fit this standard of responsibility with the market that it consumes through websites and for almost 30 years binary options trading has stood out while maintaining ethical standards. In this way, this type of investment that has been standing out in the virtual market, and, as this era of computerization is constantly changing, the company seeks to achieve all the changes for the best possible negotiation of those who wish to bet.

Accessibility for investors

When trading with binary options, investors can access a wide range of investments at a lower price than they would get from individual stocks. This is due in large part to the fact that investors acquire the options contract instead of an underlying asset. | Investor Alert: Binary Options Websites May Be Used for ...

For example, an investor with $ 500 available to trade would be able to acquire only 10 shares for $ 50 per share (not including the broker’s fee). However, with that same $ 500 I could purchase multiple binary stock option contracts for the same company.

Likewise, if a share traded at $ 50 rises to $ 60, the investor could only earn $ 100 if he had 10 shares (10 shares x $ 10 increase in share price = $ 100 profit). However, a binary options contract traded with the same underlying shares can generate exponential profit – which allows these instruments the potential to maximize investors’ returns. Learn to Invest!

Binary recently launched its newest training platform: Binary Academy. Developed to support new investors, the Learning Center brings together everything that is most relevant and indispensable to extract from the platform investors the maximum possible use for each trade. There are several video classes, articles, daily market analysis, events and much more.

Once the investor registration on the platform has been carried out, simply access and check out the best content on investment tools, reading charts, different types of tradable assets and several other topics.

The registration procedure at Binary is very simple! Just have a valid email and complete a short electronic form available on the website. When creating a new account, the user will have three initial options: make the first deposit and go directly to the investments, study more about investments in binary options and others at the Education Center or practice their techniques and test the platform through the Virtual Account, which is the Demo Account option available on the website. If you prefer to test the trading application in practice, there are investment options starting at $ 1. This type of investment is also very interesting because it encourages the novice investor to develop emotional self-control and focus. Two very important factors when investing real money in large quantities.

Binary Shop

Check Out the Shop for Apps, Gear, and More!

Among the great innovations of that we have noticed is the launch of a virtual store, something that no other company offers until then. On the site, users can buy personalized t-shirts to raise the investor flag once and for all, multiple additional platforms for investment, books on the most varied subjects within the Market category and many more items.


• Minimum investment of just $ 1 for most tradable assets on the platform;

• In addition to conventional deposit methods, it also accepts cryptocurrencies;

• Has an Education Center to train new investors;

• It has 8 different platforms integrated into the system;


• As it is a platform designed to operate in Binary Options, we can consider that a disadvantage is that the profits per operation are not unlimited. This means that once the maximum profit margin is reached, the position is automatically closed. That is, a new position will need to be opened in the winning position for profits to continue to grow.

When choosing a Binary Options platform to invest, there are certainly several important information that must be taken into consideration, but surely is one of the companies in the industry that offer the most differentials related to the practicality of the service, the innumerable types of investment and to the hundreds of auxiliary tools available.

Payment methods

As you can see on the official homepage, there are more than 15 payment methods available for deposit and withdrawal. Funding your account is easy. You can use different electronic methods or classic bank transfer.

Sometimes, the payment method may depend on your country of residence. So don’t be surprised if there are more or less payment methods available than in the list below or in the image above. Note that the minimum deposit is $ 5 with e-wallets, but with other payment methods it can be higher.

Facts about payment methods:

• Minimum deposit $ 5

•No taxes

•Credit cards

• Electronic wallets (Neteller, Skrill, QIWI, WebMoney, and more)

•Bank transfer

• Instant deposits

• Withdrawals in 1 business day

• Cryptocurrencies

To make a deposit at go to the cashier menu and click on the deposit. You can only deposit if your personal details are approved by the broker.

Offers for Traders: review of trading conditions

Before showing you the complete information on’s trading platforms we have to talk about the offers and conditions for traders. As you know is a binary options, Forex, and CFD Broker. In this section, we will give you a detailed overview of “what you can trade on the platforms”.

Beginner's Guide to Review 2019 Is it Safe? All Pros & Cons

The minimum deposit is just $ 5 and you can try the free virtual account. The virtual account is the best way to test the trading platform. There are more than 100 different assets available through Cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, currencies or volatility indices are negotiable. In addition, you can choose between different currencies for your real account balance or using cryptocurrencies.

The maximum return on investment for binary options is 100 + and the maximum leverage for Forex and CFDs is up to 1: 500. From our experience, there are no direct fees on the platform. It can sometimes happen that your payment provider charges deposit or withdrawal fees.

Trading conditions:

• Return on investment up to 100 + (binary options)

• Leverage up to 1: 500 (Forex and CFD)

• More than 100 different markets

• Minimum deposit $ 5

• Free demo account

• Low rates compared to other brokers

• High liquidity

For professional online trading, offers 6 different trading platforms. This software is still available as an application (mobile trading). The platforms are designed for a variety of purposes and the trader can choose from. As mentioned before, it is possible to trade different financial products with You cannot trade all financial products on one platform. Frequently Asked Questions

200 Not-Boring Questions To Connect And Get To Know Someone Better

• In which currencies can I open a real account at

To fund your account you can use real money in national currencies or even cryptocurrencies. Between both options you can choose currencies like Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and others.

• What is the Binary Bot for?

It is a robot responsible for creating investment strategies for trading options in the markets offered by the company. The tool adds indicators that can operate in an automated way that, in most cases, are used to trace trends and make predictions with greater assertiveness.

• Is there a difference between the binary options platform and MT5?

Yes, many! Among them, we can mention that the original platform was developed specifically for trading binary options and related assets. MetaTrader 5, on the other hand, is a much broader system, in the sense that it allows investments in several assets simultaneously in cash contracts or by difference with leverage.

• How long does it take for me to receive a withdrawal?

Withdrawals are processed with very quick clearing times, and can last for a maximum of one business day. This means that, regardless of the method selected, will perform the procedure in less than twenty-four hours for you.

• what is Forex?

It is a variable income market that operates in CFD’s and generates volatility from the quote movements that occur between the currency parities it aggregates. The world’s major currencies are quoted there and have a gigantic volume of daily contracts, which can exceed the five trillion dollar mark every day, from Monday to Friday.

• How can I change my account’s default currency?

Rather, it is important to make it clear that it is possible, but only to a certain extent. You can make this change to any of the other available currencies just before you have made your first deposit or created your MT5 account. If you have already done so, unfortunately you will need to close your current account and open a new one with a different email. This limitation is due to specific legislation for financial products in this category.

Binary bot

The binary bot is a unique feature of Most brokers do not allow automated trading on their platforms or it is not possible because the resources are lacking. provides software where you can program your own automated system for trading binary options.

Free download bot 2019 - Free download call ...

For the first impression, the binary bot is not a trading platform for beginners. You need knowledge, math and programming skills. In addition, your strategy must work successfully. It is possible to create an automated system with any trading strategy using the binary bot. You can use the mathematical and logical commands in the software.

Profitable strategy · Issue #1215 · binary-com/binary-bot · GitHub will help you to program a system. There are some tutorials and knowledge about it. For more knowledge, you can read on the internet about automated trading or buy some programming books. The language of the binary bot is very easy, but very difficult to understand for beginners.

Binary Mobile App

Top 5 Options Apps for iOS & Android -

Binary Mobile App, this binary options broker comes from a long tradition of online gambling and trading websites. The application can be used on smartphones, ios and android systems and portable tablets. The experience collected over the years is reflected in the Binary Mobile Application trading platform, which provides some of the most exclusive financial products on the market. In our review of the Binary Mobile App we will also present other specific features that made this binary options broker so popular (with the range of financial products on offer being the main and most impressive feature) and demonstrate why 1,000,000 people chose this binary options platform to conduct your trading on the market. Read more below, in the analysis of Fair Binary Options’ Binary Mobile App.

Binary Mobile App Features

• Minimum Deposit: $ 5

• Maximum Bonus: $ 150

• Maximum yield: 100%

• Minimum Investment: $ 5

• Maximum Investment: $ 100,000

As already mentioned at the beginning of the analysis of the Binary Mobile App, the most important feature of this broker is its super-versatile and proprietary binary options trading platform. Its range of financial products is slightly different from the usual set of binary options found on most broker trading interfaces. However, we understand that the conversation about the products belongs to the next section, and for that reason, we invite you to read the rest of our review of the Binary Mobile App to find out which products are available.

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