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Binatex provides quality brokerage services to its customers. Traders can fully focus on binary options trading, feel the proper service and maintenance. Binatex’s trading platform is operational, equipped with several technical tools, which allows you to comfortably open positions at a professional level. In the arsenal, Binatex’s binary options broker has more than 30 trading assets with a high rate of return. Binatex’s technical support is 24/7. The company is distinguished by a convenient and opportune time for withdrawing money. Among the unconditional advantages of Binatex, it is worth mentioning the training of novice traders.

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Today, binary options are a simple financial instrument with a return of up to 90% on each transaction. To profit from the option, you must specify the correct direction of movement of the asset after the due date. Will the price be higher or lower? In the case of a correct forecast, you can earn up to 90% of the bid amount in the transaction. If the price of the option is equal to the price of the asset after the maturity date, then the value of the option will be returned to your trading account. The company’s platform provides the “Cancellations” service for the current transaction. To do this, in the “Active transactions” block, click on the “Cancel” button and confirm the completion of the transaction. The refund amount is indicated in the transaction information, next to the “Cancel” button. Binary options trading allows you to make money remotely, wherever you are, all you need is your PC or other device with Internet access.

Deposit and withdrawal

The minimum amount for a deposit at a Binatex broker is 500 rubles or 10 dollars, depending on the type of option chosen, the trader can earn up to 90% of the investment value in the transaction. You can deposit funds at a broker using Visa, MasterCard or current e-wallets.

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According to the withdrawal rules, the money will be transferred to the trader in the same way that the money was deposited, that is, the customer can withdraw funds to a bank card or wallet where the funds were deposited. The request to withdraw profits and money from the client’s trading account is processed by the company’s managers within a maximum of 1 business day. Binatex’s binary options broker offers an adapted and enhanced trading platform.

The main conditions of trading with Binatex and the resources of the trading platform:

• lowest amount in a deposit account: 10 dollars or 500 rubles.

• Assortment of Binatex’s commercial assets: currency pairs, company shares, commodities.

• Free demo account for $ 1000.

• Binatex bonus: up to 100% on account replenishment;

• technical support service operates 24 hours a day, every day.

• Exclusive tier system.

• The training section for beginners on the broker’s website.

• On the chart, you can choose one of the deadlines for choosing a trader from the options: 1min, 5min, 15min, 30min or 1 hour.

• There are 2 linear or candle views and there is also quick access to the trade display chart.

• The quotes are from Bloomberg.

• There are free trading signals for traders.

• News about the stock market and the world is presented on the platform for customer convenience.

The broker seeks to withdraw funds quickly, the timing of withdrawals depends on the bank’s work; On average, withdrawals take 1 business day after the specialists process the order. The lowest amount to be withdrawn from the trading account: 10 US dollars. There is no commission to withdraw funds from the Binatex broker’s account. Please note that when withdrawing funds, the company may require you to provide copies of documents for identification, the seller will receive detailed information by email.

Register and Login at Binatex

It is very easy to register with Binatex. Just fill out the registration with an email to open a demo account to train and get to know the platform. You don’t even have to put your cell phone on so you can fill up, asking to deposit.

• It is very simple to register:

• Leave your email

• Receive a confirmation link in your email

• Receive a password (which will then be sent by email)

This is what you need to register for a free demo account.

Binatex learning tools

Binatex offers several tutorial videos that help beginners, as well as some articles and strategies. To access, just open a Demo account. This broker offers a free Demo account to train with 10,000 USD. The learning tools are not enough to obtain the knowledge necessary to profit consistently.


Binatex offers several deposit bonuses ranging from 20% to 80%. The bonus percentage varies depending on the amount deposited and the type of account you have. When depositing, you can choose whether or not to accept the Bonuses. Know that when accepting bonuses you have to make a volume of trades equivalent to 25 times the bonus amount offered.

Types of Binatex Accounts

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• Demo account

The demo account is a free and demo account we have 10,000 USD virtual to train. The training account is a good tool to try and test the platform without running the risk of losing real money. The demo account should not be used as a basis for earnings in a real account, as there are differences between this account and a real one.

The account is 10,000 USD virtual and can be recharged. The demo account is always active and we can always train on it, even after depositing in the real account. No deposit is required to use the demo account. Demo accounts are only useful for getting to know the platform or testing a strategy to understand how it works. The demo account and the real one are not the same, even if the broker or some people say they are.

Demo accounts always show a delay in prices as transactions with play money do not enter the market. And this delay works in the customer’s favor. For this reason, he wins much more easily in the demo than in real. It is not by chance that we see many videos of “traders” making thousands a day and selling their strategies in demo. Then in the real account, we’ve never been able to achieve the same results as their videos.

• Real Account

The real account is the account after you make a first deposit. The minimum deposit amount in the real account is 10 USD. The minimum transaction amount in the real account is 1 $. There are several methods to deposit and it is fast. Withdrawals are quick and usually using the same method used for depositing.

The broker has some material to learn, but to be successful you must take a good Binary Options course. The deposit bonus goes up to 70%. When depositing for the first time you will unlock some indicators on the platform that were not present in the demo account. When depositing you will also have access to signals that Binatex offers. The real account also entitles you to participate in tournaments that the brokerage house organizes.

• VIP account

The VIP account is a real account in which the customer has deposited a minimum amount of $ 300.

The VIP account offers:

• Higher percentage of profit on operations (+ 5%), thus obtaining a higher profit on its winning operations.

• Higher maximum amounts in negotiations and withdrawals.

• Personal assistant to the broker for more effective support.

• Priority in withdrawals, making withdrawals faster.

• Greater number of operations simultaneously.

• 80% deposit bonus.

Instruction to Traders

The broker has prepared a quality training base for both beginners and professionals. The corresponding section on the Binatex website contains dozens of articles and video lessons on various topics regarding technical and fundamental analysis. For example, the broker’s experts demonstrate how to distinguish chart patterns, use indicators and analyze your trading process. Traders can unlock more and more informative materials to deepen the topic as their trading volume increases, depending on the points system mentioned above.

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Despite its relatively recent entry into the market, Binatex has proven a reliable partnership for traders with a certain level of knowledge. Working with your trading platforms allows you to forget about the existence of intentional obstacles created by certain brokers; thanks to this, Binatex customers can be completely immersed in the trading process, with the certainty that the result of each transaction will not be affected by manipulations with price levels. Many people claim that Binatex can be considered a watershed in the world of binary options: the history of this broker shows that brokerage work can be improved, while services can still become more accessible for many traders.

Binatex app for android

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Use the main advantage of trading binary options: make predictions for stock price growth / decline without leaving home. In case of a correct forecast, your quick gains will be up to 90% of your investment.

10 reasons why you should choose this mobile app:

1. An opportunity to open a free demo account for $ 1000 for training

online without attachments.

2. With a minimum deposit of 500 rubles or $ 10, you can

dive into the world of binary options and start with the financial

operations, and the minimum stake of 30 rubles will provide

smooth transition from a demo account to real money.

3. We have a bonus of up to 100% of the deposit to replenish the account and

single-level system: update your level to

win more!

4. Switch on your phone: you will have access to more

20 types of trading assets (company stocks, currency pairs,

metals, etc.)

5. Convenient training video course on binary options in Russian

language and online access to the latest economic news will help

Beginning traders place bets on the stock exchange and increase their earnings.

6. Binatex has a powerful functional platform: stocks in the form of a linear graph and in the shape of candles will help build the right strategies for betting on the stock market.

7. The work of our support service provides assistance 24 hours a day to our customers!

8. All payments are credited and withdrawn almost instantly: withdrawing money will not cause any problems.

9. Despite the start in 2015, Binatex has already announced itself, having received several awards and qualifications in nominations such as:

– the best broker;

– the best platform;

– customer focus;

– the most creative broker;

– The most effective technical support.

10. Absolutely legal conduct of work: the Binatex broker is regulated by CROFR standards, so that your deposits and investments are safe.

Note that the mobile application requires an Internet connection. The amount of earnings depends on your ability to trade binary options. Before you start trading, we recommend that you carefully study the trading rules. For all transactions decisions, traders are responsible.


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