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InstaForex EU is part of the InstaForex brand, created in 2007 and is home to more than 7,000,000 merchants. The group as a whole represents a leader in the retail sector and InstaForex EU specifically caters to EU traders. InstaForex EU aims to provide first class trading services and become the preferred broker for all EU traders. This broker claims to be an ECN broker offering more than 200 assets in five asset classes. More than thirty analysts are employed, offering research to clients, and this broker has received more than 30 industry awards since 2009. A critical difference between this broker and its competition is that a standard lot is equal to 10,000 currency units and not 100,000, as remains the norm. the industry. A respectable fact at InstaForex remains the percentage of accounts that operate at a loss; at 62.89%, it ranks at the lowest level in this category and marks a notable achievement.

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Technology plays a critical role at InstaForex and, as a group, 9 different data centers are installed to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted business service; still supported by another 25 servers located worldwide. This ensures proper order flow and connectivity. The MT4 trading platform is the only one offered that surprised us during this InstaForex analysis in the EU, as the broker claims to be an ECN broker and the cTrader platform remains dominant in that sector. This broker is recognized for the extensive sponsorship of professional sports in a statement to the overall success of InstaForex. Many ancillary services are provided by this broker and the sum of that effort is a solid commercial environment, but spreads remain high, which represents the most significant disadvantage when considering InstaForex EU as an ideal broker.

Deposits and Withdrawals

InstaForex Withdrawal | Get your money within few hours

InstaForex EU offers its customers the most commercial payment methods, including bank transfer, credit / debit card payments, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort and Bitcoin. The inclusion of Bitcoin as a payment option shows that this broker is following the changes in the remittance market and represents a genuine service. No deposit fees are charged, which represents the standard in the brokerage industry, but processing times are indicated as the closest business day. Withdrawal fees are applied universally, but vary according to the method implemented and the processing time is once again noted as the nearest business day. Withdrawals incur a fee that varies from a minimum of 1% for withdrawals from Bitcoin and Skrill, € 1 for Neteller, 1.8% + € 0.05 for credit cards and at least € 5 for bank transfers and Sofort.

Account types


Five types of account are available at InstaForex EU, but the trading conditions seem out of order. The Insta.Standard account involves a fixed spread between 2.0 pips and 7.0 pips, trading costs are very high in this type of account. No minimum deposit is required for this account. ECN and Scalping account have an average floating spread of 1.2 pips and remain commission-free, but a minimum deposit of $ 100 applies. While minimum deposits remain extremely low, none of these three types of accounts creates a great trading environment. The exception remains the Insta.Eurica account, marketed as ideal for new traders and offered as an option for professional traders. The spread of 0.0 pips on the major and minor currency pairs with a low commission between 0.02% and 0.07% of the transaction value produces the best commercial account available. It remains the only option that offers an extremely competitive trading environment and no minimum deposit is required.

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The ECN Pro account contains average spreads noted as 0.8 pips and there is no commission charge. This goes against the traditional ECN model, where gross spreads are offered by a commission. In the case of InstaForex EU, the Insta.Eurica account resembles a real ECN account structure. In general, the implementation of trading conditions is surprisingly confusing when compared to what the industry standard resembles. InstaForex EU additionally changed the classification of the standard lot, as lot 1.0 resembles only 10,000 units and not 100,000 units, as with other brokers. The maximum leverage for all traders is limited to 13:30, as stipulated by your regulator. Islamic accounts are available upon request. The Insta.Eurica account creates the most competitive trading environment offered by InstaForex EU, followed by the ECN Pro account.

Research and education

When it comes to market research, InstaForex offers a mixed offer. Highlights include daily posts from InstaForex’s market analysis blog, technical analysis posts via MT5 and InstaForex TV, InstaForex’s video offering, which, on average, produces four to six currency news videos per day . Interviews, weekly reviews and other educational videos are also available.

Choosing a Broker and Opening an Account

The main disadvantage of InstaForex’s research offer is the lack of third-party research tools and services. Research aside, education mainly includes videos, a glossary and a variety of very basic (text only) articles on forex trading. If there is a feature that we would like to add to InstaForex, it would be a regular schedule of webinars and the ability to view previous webinars on demand.

Commissions and fees

InstaForex offers two main types of accounts: Insta.Standard (ECN / non-negotiable table) and Insta.Eurica (negotiating table). Both accounts have a minimum deposit of 1 USD.

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With Insta.Standard accounts, average spreads vary between three and seven pips, depending on the pair. There is no commission for Insta.Standard accounts; instead, the commission is incorporated into the spread. On the contrary, Insta.Eurica accounts charge a commission for operations, which varies between 0.03% and 0.07%.

For example, InstaForex lists a spread of three pips in EUR / USD for standard Insta accounts. Meanwhile, in an Insta.Eurica account, there is no spread listed. Instead, the commission is incorporated, which amounts to a total cost of three pips. In general, the two types of account charge almost identical prices.


One of the most important points of a good Forex Broker is a reliable trading platform. InstaForex offers the world-renowned MetaTrader 4. This is universal software that can be used on any device. For example, trade on your home computer and your smartphone at the same time.

InstaForex Login | Come on in and start trading

MetaTrader 4 facts:

• Available for any device

• You only need an account login

• Total control over your positions

• Free indicators and technical design tools for Technical Analysis

• Multi-graphics

• Customizable and easy to use

• Automatic trading is possible

MetaTrader 4 is very customizable. You can use different types of charts, indicators or programs to develop your trading style. In addition, it is possible to install external indicators or add-ons with this software. In MetaTrader 4, you can clearly observe the markets and make professional trading decisions. One-click trading is available for quick execution. In addition, you can watch different markets at the same time, which makes the platform very useful.

What types of accounts are offered?

InstaForex offers regular trading accounts and penny accounts in two different versions. The penny account is made for small deposits starting at $ 1. The size of the position is reduced by 10 times, so you can risk less money with the less money invested in your trading position.

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These accounts are available:

• Cent Accounts ( only):

• Start with a $ 1 deposit

• position size is 10 times smaller than normal accounts

• Leverage 1: 1 – 1: 1000

• Spreads 3 – 7 Pips or 0 Pips and 0.03% – 0.07% commission

• Standard / standard accounts ( only):

• Start with a $ 1 deposit

• Leverage 1: 1 – 1: 1000

• Spreads 3 – 7 Pips or 0 Pips and 0.03% – 0.07% commission

• Standard / standard accounts ( only):

• Start with a $ 1 deposit

• Leverage a maximum of 1:30

• Fixed spreads of 2 to 7 pips or 0.0 pips and a rate of 0.02% to 0.07%

• ECN ( only):

• Start with a deposit of $ 100 (standard) and $ 1,000 (professional)

• Leverage a maximum of 1:30

• Average floating spreads 1.2 pips (standard) and 0.8 pips (pro)

• Scalping ( only):

• Start with a $ 100 deposit

• Leverage a maximum of 1:30

• Average floating spreads 1.2 pips

Traders can always choose between two versions before opening an account. Use the spread-based (Insta.Standard) or commission (Insta.Eurica) account. (Account types depend on EU or international regulations, see below). The difference between these two types of accounts is that the broker earns money through a spread or commission. In our experience, it is better to choose the commission account to pay less fees.

InstaForex Mobile App

You can easily review the InstaForex website on your mobile device, as the pages are optimized for mobile functionality. It is also possible to access various web traders on the InstaForex trading website, including MT4 and WebIFX from your mobile device. The application can be used on smartphones, ios and android systems and portable tablets.

Live feed Forex Options

In this review of InstaForex forex broker, we suggest that if you want to trade on the go, consider downloading MetaTrader 4 to your smartphone or tablet. This will give you access to the most popular and arguably the best forex trading platform, wherever you go. It will also connect seamlessly to the other MetaTrader 4 platforms that you use to trade with InstaForex.

Search tools

Most InstaForex forex broker reviews are likely to praise you for all the research and analysis tools that they have made available. InstaForex offers analysis and research tools for all levels of trader experience, from beginners to advanced. There is a dedicated section of the website for Forex analysis and analysis, where you can find information from InstaForex experts. You will find long and short term analyzes of specific assets, as well as the market in general.

Online assistants InstaForex

InstaForex also provides video analysis with a “Trade of the Day” clip. There is a separate “Photo News”, which similarly analyzes the main lists like a blog, which provides extensive and useful information. Topics include Russia’s top dividend stocks and the most competitive megacities. Our InstaForex review team is not surprised to see an economic calendar on the broker’s website, as this is a standard offering for most brokers today. There is also a trader calculator.

Real Standards is a broker service that helps to identify opportunities by demonstrating the various patterns in the markets. This section includes graphics marked with the patterns and a quick explanation of the pattern in question. The Graphix Pattern is similar, but it is an InstaForex plug-in for MT4. Superior Forex Desk is an order management tool that works with MT4. InstaForex TV is a great resource for all marketers, especially those who prefer to access information by videos. It includes calendars, analysis, forex news, financial market analysis, cultural and financial geography, video analysis and events.


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