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LiteForex Review 2020 By Wibestbroker & User Ratings

LiteForex Investments Ltd, founded in 2005, is based in Cyprus and is regulated by CySEC. They also have a branch in the Marshall Islands, which is subject to a more flexible and more flexible regulatory regime. LiteForex is one of the leading brokerage companies, with traders at different levels worldwide and listed as one of the top 100 companies, according to World Finance. There are more than half a million LiteForex traders doing business outside the office in several countries. LiteForex is an old and well-established Forex broker. At the time of this review, LiteForex has been on the market for over 12 years.

История и достижения LiteForex

A very wide range of assets can be traded with LiteForex. Approximately 60 Forex currency pairs are offered, in addition to various precious metals and crude oils. Major cryptocurrencies and global stock market indices can be traded, and CFDs are offered on many leading stocks in the NYSE, NASDAQ, XETRA and Russian stock markets.


There are four different floating spread trading accounts at LiteForex. With a minimum deposit of $ 10, traders can open a CENT account for relatively new traders who are starting or have traded on a demo account and are confident of moving forward. These accounts minimize trading risks, as deposits are denominated in cents. The maximum leverage in a CENT account is 1000 and the minimum lot is 0.1. This account comes with a 30% deposit bonus. The account can be based on US dollars, euros, Swiss francs or Russian rubles.


There are four different floating spread trading accounts at LiteForex. With a minimum deposit of $ 10, traders can open a CENT account for relatively new traders who are starting or have traded on a demo account and are confident of moving forward. These accounts minimize trading risks, as deposits are denominated in cents. The maximum leverage in a CENT account is 1000 and the minimum lot is 0.1. This account comes with a 30% deposit bonus. The account can be based on US dollars, euros, Swiss francs or Russian rubles.

The Forex CLASSIC account is designed for traders with trading experience who follow their proven strategy using four-digit quotes. The CLASSIC account has a floating spread from 1.8 points and offers a maximum leverage of 500 to 1. It requires a minimum deposit of US $ 50 and there are no commissions to pay. There is a 30% deposit bonus on this account. The account can be based on USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, Russian rubles or Polish zloty. The account offers 3.5% annual interest on shareholders’ equity not used as margin.

The ECN Forex account uses technology that offers complete transparency and protection against risks not related to trading.

ECN (Electronic Communications Network) is an exclusive electronic technology for Forex trading without broker intervention. The ECN broker is a type of platform where each order from a trader is matched to an opposite order, either within the company or on the broker’s contract. This account has a minimum deposit of $ 50 and a maximum leverage of 1: 400. An element of social trading feature is offered with this type of account. The account offers 7.5% annual interest on equity not used as margin.

Forex Broker | LiteForex

The fourth account is the PAMM account, developed to manage the funds of foreign investors. It combines all the advantages of management and investment, including transparency, security and convenience, which offer ample earning opportunities for investors and managers. The minimum deposit is $ 200 and the maximum leverage is 1: 200. There is no commission.

Deposits / Withdrawals

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money?

Both deposits and withdrawals can be made via credit cards or any digital wallet. Just select the amount to be moved, the currency and then fill in some security information and your account details. Depending on the payment method, the money can be transferred immediately.

LiteForex Review #1: Is LF Reliable & Regulated FX Broker?

Zero Fee: Whenever you make a deposit on the trading platform, LiteForex will cover the transaction fee charged by the credit provider or medium used for the transaction. It works as follows: If, when depositing $ 100 USD on the platform, your bank charges you $ 7.5 USD for the service, the company itself will refund this amount as soon as the transaction is completed. Therefore, your investment account balance will be $ 100 USD, instead of $ 92.50.

Automatic withdrawal: All company customers can make immediate withdrawals 25 hours a day, as long as they have a complete and previously verified user profile. In such cases the daily limit is $ 100 USD. If the customer is not yet verified, this face value drops to $ 50 USD per day. Because they are very practical, the most popular methods for these transactions are Neteller and Skrill.

LiteForex – interesting bonuses

Новая бонусная акция от LiteForex – бонус 100% при пополнениях ...

LiteForex seems to appreciate the benefit of having bonuses. There is a number to choose from, so let’s provide the details, before considering some of the terms and conditions that should be attached.

Bring a friend 2.0 – The more friends you present, the more bonuses will be rewarded. $ 15 for each friend attracted, $ 10 for a second level friend, $ 5 for a 3tf friend and $ 2 for a 4th level friend. It operates at different levels, as you can benefit not only from the immediate referral, but also from your referrals. There is also a 20% bonus when you open your account, deposit at least $ 100 and sign up for the friend referral program.

• Non-stop bonus promotion – Deposit more than $ 100 into your trading account within the first 24 hours after opening and then an additional 15% for subsequent deposits over $ 100.

• Return commitment – Up to 35% distribute discounts to VIP club members and as long as a minimum deposit of $ 500 has been made.

• The terms and conditions for some of these bonuses are a little heavy.

So, what do we think of LiteForex? There is a lot for this well-established broker, but there is one thing that really disappoints: the lack of recognized regulation. However, the variety of assets is good, the spreads do not exceed the limits, the bonuses are worthwhile and there are even some contests. The lack of regulation is not necessarily a bad thing, but being licensed and regulated by a body like CySEC or the FCA would definitely make this broker much more attractive. But, in the end, the broker’s choice is entirely yours. And there is always the option to open a demo account first, before risking real money.


Lite Forex has been on the market for over a decade and has a lot to show for that moment. It is headquartered in Cyprus, but due to its resilience over the years and the experience gained, it has managed to spread its influence to other countries.

Финансовая пирамида: примеры и признаки финансовой пирамиды

This growth led to the revision of its strategies and its modification. This, coupled with good customer service, courtesy of its staff, has made it a major force in the foreign exchange sector. Lite Forex is a very credible company that has the correct license documentation in the regions where it operates. These licenses come from the regulatory bodies in those regions and govern how the company is operated.

Among the licenses that Forex Lite has in its possession include:

• A regulatory license in accordance with the Marshall Island Business Corporation Act.

• It is licensed to operate in Cyprus by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

• These regulatory bodies place great emphasis on protecting clients’ funds. Lite Forex has taken measures to ensure the security of clients’ funds, in accordance with the established regulation. Among the proposed measures are:

• Segregation of the company’s bank accounts from customers’ funds accounts.

• Have state-of-the-art encryption in your databases in case of cyber criminals.

• Partnership with credible banks to assist in storing such funds.

The mobile platform

FOREX Apps for Android and iOS

In an attempt to explore the growing mobile phone industry, Lite Forex has a mobile phone platform that will allow a customer to trade from the comfort of their phones. This is a downloadable platform available for iOS devices and Android devices. It’s simple to use and lightweight, which means it won’t take up much space on your device when downloading.

Lite Forex offers flexible withdrawal and deposit methods that match your convenience. Accepted modes include the use of bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard, bank transfers, electronic transfers and cryptocurrencies. The minimum transaction amount is $ 10 with a 0% commission.

The big goals – potential growth

To fulfill the LiteFotex mission, the best and most effective elements must be brought together and applied. The group of developers of the company is formed by specialists and experienced professionals, carefully selected from the large number of candidates from all over the world. As for the LiteForex product, it offers the opportunity to implement the most innovative and challenging projects and ideas.

Análisis del mercado forex para el 4 de marzo - YouTube

Accumulating the best, the company eventually allows its customers to achieve much more and carry out their projects and plans. The best way to overcome all obstacles is to make everything possible. The company knows that the intentions are quite high, but definitely worth the effort. That’s why “sticks and stones” won’t stop or scare the LiteForex team; as the understanding of the fact that only big goals can give the opportunity and the potential for growth, strengthens its achievement.

Forex mobile platform

Today, the company is one of the leading brokers, connecting traders of different levels and skills across the world. According to the official edition of World Finance, LiteForex is among the top 100 companies, with a large number of representative offices, open in many countries. The company offers its partners and customers one of the most secure, reliable and practical technologies of trading operations in the Forex market. Experienced LiteForex workers are always ready to assist traders 24 hours a day.

Based on the respective objectives, the company is the first to launch the penny accounts, with a minimum deposit of US $ 1. In fact, this was the reason for many positive reviews. This achievement made the Forex market available to a large number of clients, guaranteeing new and innovative trading terms for online trading; that managed to change the process of developing the Forex market.


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