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Регистрация новых клиентов Olymp Trade в России прекращена

Olymp Trade Português, founded in 2014, is an exemplary representative of the second generation of international online trading platforms; focusing on a product exclusively and on the functionality of its trading platform, Olymp found a simple yet powerful solution that established its growth at the international level.

Olymp Trade is a relatively new – but ambitious – trading platform that combines the best activities in the sector and innovative approaches, resulting in the provision of a quality service never seen before. Both professional traders with many years of experience and those new to it can try out the platform, as it offers the demo account (demo) mode, which can be used simultaneously with the real account, as well as the various analysis and optimization tools of the your market dominance. Portuguese Olymp Trade.

Among the advantages of this platform are the low minimum deposit amount, its interactive tutorial, analyzes from professional traders, as well as the operational efficiency of the customer support service. Always prioritizing quality, Olymp Trade’s vision is geared towards the development of the international trading market.

Olymp Trade Advantages and Disadvantages


• Reduced minimum deposit: you can top up your account with just $ 10 or € 10. The minimum amount for the transaction is also not high – $ 1 / € 1.

• Demo account: an advantage for novice traders. Unlike most other platforms, here you can use a demo account in parallel to a real account, in addition to using a special link to switch between accounts. Each trader can test the platform with 10,000 “demo dollars” to develop their skills and test their trading strategies.

• Exclusive trading platform: Olymptrade has developed a trading platform whose result is the smooth functioning and the possibility of developing additional functions as required.

• Availability of didactic information: the platform gives traders the opportunity to take a free trading course, browse market analyzes and access detailed analysis notices.

• Regulatory supervision: Olymptrade is regulated by FRRMC (Financial Market Relations Regulation Center) reference number 0395AAVv0074, ensuring the transparency of its trading platform and providing its clients with benefits as part of the resolution of conflicts and compensation via deposit in case of breach by the platform. Portuguese Olymp Trade.

• Olymp Trade Advantages and DisadvantagesWelcome bonus: up to 50% bonus is available at the time of the first deposit, depending on the amount deposited. The bonus can be used to obtain additional profit – and it is not subject to withdrawal.

• Free withdrawal: the platform does not charge withdrawal fees.

Windows application unavailable: at the moment, the platform offers the mobile version of the trading platform, which can be accessed on any internet browser. Standalone mobile apps for Android and iOS are available, but the full Windows app has yet to be announced.

Account types and demo trading

What types of accounts are available at Olymp Trade? Basically, there is a demo account and two types of live accounts. The demo account is free and provides the user with access to virtual funds, useful for practicing and learning how the platform works. The demo account is where you start to learn the trading process in a risk-free environment.

Olymp Trade demo | binary options demo account without Deposit

From the demo account, you can now transfer what you have learned to the actual trading setup, which provides two types of live accounts for you:

• There is the default account, which is the entry level account type.

• And the VIP account, which is ideal for those with access to larger capital, and who also have more trading experience. $ 2,000 is the minimum deposit required to qualify for an account

• VIP. The VIP account also gives some privileges that are not presented to standard account holders.

• We will spend some time to highlight the benefits of a VIP account. The advantages are as follows:

• Returns on trades are higher. For example, when a standard account holder expects an 80% payment, the VIP account holder can expect to receive a 90% payment offer.

• There is an option to claim a 50% deposit bonus on the account.

• Maximum investment amounts for VIP account holders have an upper limit than standard account holders. This provides greater earning potential for the VIP account holder.

• VIP account holders tend to receive some kind of money back in negotiations. Under this offer, in a number of bad deals, the VIP account holder gets a refund of the amount invested in those deals.

• What about invitation-only educational webinars and negotiation reviews that show how to improve results? VIP account holders have access to them.

• A personalized account manager is always on hand to guide the VIP negotiator through any process that can be challenging.

If no transactions are made and withdrawals are made within 15 days of the initial $ 2,000 deposit, the VIP status will be revoked.

Olymp Trade Trading Platform

As mentioned above, Olymp’s trading platform was developed by the platform’s own programming team, which facilitates improvements and technical updates. The platform offers applications for iOS and Android phones, and the platform’s browser can also be adjusted to any desired resolution. This makes using the platform on smartphones and tablets possible and practical.

Olymp Trade among the top brokers in the world

Olymp Trade focuses on a single trading tool – the classic “call / put” option; the platform offers 8 standardized deadlines, the longest being 3 hours and the shortest 1 minute; traders also have the option to adjust their terms as they prefer. In this respect, the platform can still be considered quite minimalist due to the moderate choice of tools and assets. However, this same fact, combined with its high level of functionality, makes the platform an interesting option for novice traders.

When profiting from a transaction, the percentage of earnings varies between 10-80%, depending on the asset and market conditions at the time, such as volatility. When you lose in a transaction, a window will appear recommending the trader to visit the tutorial section or to know the existing automated notices. On the left side of the Olymp trading screen, you can view the positions of other traders, which can also be used as an independent warning. Users can cancel transactions up to ¾ the duration of an option.

Olymp Trade: Trading Platform Review 2020 – Saints'hub

Fortunately, the trading interface is quite simple, clearly organized and easy to understand, even though, from the point of view of the most experienced traders, a little innovation is lacking; beginners, on the other hand, consider the interface an efficient introduction to the world of trading. Portuguese Olymp Trade.

Opening an Account

Okay, you are probably tempted to open a VIP account. Or maybe you want to try a standard account first. This is not a problem, as the account opening process is very easy.

How to Open an Account with Olymp Trade

You can choose to create a new account using the online form, or you can create an account linked to your Google email or Facebook account. This facilitates access using login details that you are already familiar with.

The Facebook / Google registration method

• Click on the respective Google Facebook logos in the online form on the account opening page. This will open a pop-up dialog box that will ask you to enter your login details.

• Alternatively, you can log in to your Facebook or Gmail accounts in advance and start the registration process as described above.

• You will be asked to grant permissions that will synchronize your FB / Gmail account with the Olymp Trade platform.

• Once completed, you can login with the synchronized FB / Gmail account.

Traditional method

• In the online registration form, enter the email you intend to use as your login username. This email will be used to recover forgotten passwords.

• Choose an alphanumeric password with some special characters to make hacking more difficult. DO NOT use passwords that are easy to guess, such as “abcde” or “qwerty” or “12345”.

• Check the platform terms and conditions to agree with them and complete the Captcha request to verify that you are not a robot.

• Click on the “Register” button to submit your account registration request. You will be taken to the platform interface to begin your trial negotiations with a demo account. Check your email (including the Spam folder) to make sure you received the welcome email.

This registration automatically puts you in demo trading mode. To trade with real money, click on the Deposit button on the left side of the navigation tab in your demo account interface.


Olymp Trade offers multiple deposit methods to its clients. You can use electronic wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. Otherwise, you can choose to use cards such as Visa and Mastercard. You can also fund your account with Bitcoin. This method is especially fast. However, before you can deposit funds, you must already have a verified account.

Olymp Trade deposit methods

All in all, Olymp Trade deposit methods are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin)
  • WebMoney
  • FasaPay

Presently, Olymp Trade has a required minimum deposit of just $10. Also, you can make a minimum investment of $1 on your account via the broker’s platform. However, while it is advisable you start trading with an amount you can afford to lose, it is not recommended you start with so little.

Olymp Trade only offers regulated payment methods. From our research, we know that the money is managed in European banks. There are separate accounts and the company is not using customer’s money for investments or hedging. Also, Olymp Trade is a regulated broker which has high-security standards. The website is encrypted with an SSL 256-bit certificate and on the deposit menu, you will find different security checks.

OlympTrade: The Mobile Trading App

Olymp Trade Mobile App - Download App for Android and IOS

The app can work on a number of mobile devices that work on iOS and Android. Traders who want to use the app will notice the similarities with the desktop service. The usual resources and technical tools that are seen in desktops are also available on mobile. The app also works in real time, giving the traders real-time information regarding prices based on the location or time zone where the traders are located. The app can allow the trader to make an order, or configure the expiration time.You will find the app on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Olymptrade App for Android

The app can work on Android devices that run on the latest operating system. There is no need to purchase a high-end Android device with the highest specs; a regular Android device is enough to show the different technical tools and resources including indicators and price charts.

To use this app, interested traders must download first the app from the Google Play Store. Once the app has been fully downloaded and installed, traders can count on their smartphone as an instant trading platform that can be used anytime, anywhere.

  • Olymptrade App for iOS

To use the app on iOS devices, traders are advised to download first the app on the official app store. When the app has been downloaded and installed, traders can enjoy an excellent interface and a layout that is easy to navigate. This app for iOS is similar to the Android app and can provide traders with complete access to critical resources and trading tools including functions and market updates. With the use of this app for iOS, traders can easily transform their smart phones into a mobile trading platform that can be helpful in real-time.


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